On Saturday 26 August, our Springtime Foundation organised an anniversary party for Camping Polemonium, which was full of fun and entertainment. Camping Polemonium is a wonderful initiative of Appie Wijma, it offers families and single parents with a limited budget the chance to enjoy a carefree holiday, free of charge. 

On this page a selection of some charities to which the Springtime Foundation has contributed in recent years. In addition to these projects, every employee of Moving Spirits, A2BC and Bitstillery IT has a personal budget of € 500 that he or she can spend annually on a self-chosen charity. As our team grows, we support more and more charities!

In 2023 we have supported the following charities with these personal budgets(Click the link for more information):
Restaurant Het Oude Politiebureau, Stichting Dierenopvang Groningen, Stichting Het Hof, Exctinction Rebellion, Het Rode Kruis, Stichting Doedertoe, Stichting Opkikker, Make a Wish, Penduka, Voedselbank Groningen, De Hartstichting, Artsen zonder Grenzen, Alzheimer fonds, Kado van de Sint, UMCG Kanker Research Fonds, De Nierstichting, Mind, Stichting (Z)onderdak, DoeZOO Leens, Parkinson NL, Kinderdorpen, Mouvement Colibris, Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork, Handbalvereniging SVWW.


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Every year in Cambodia, with the help of guide and bicycle rental company Bo Bo, we have water pumps installed at the homes of people who have no access to water. Not only do these people now not have to travel longer distances for water, they also get the chance to grow vegetables at their homes for themselves and possibly for sale. Six families are currently being selected to receive water pumps.


In the Netherlands, an average of 2-3 children per class grow up in a family with money worries. They cannot attend football, street dance, judo, swimming or music lessons. These children often sport and play alone.

We think every child deserves to participate, which is why we have supported Jeugdfonds Sport en Cultuur Groningen. since 2015.

In the photo, Patrick hands over the cheque to Martina, coordinator at this wonderful foundation.


Just Diggit brings nature back to dry areas in Kenya and elsewhere by digging bunds. These crescent-shaped pits collect rainwater and allow seeds present to germinate. In addition, trees are planted and seeds are grown.Greening Africa has a positive impact on nature and biodiversity and it cools the earth. In addition, all projects are managed and implemented locally so that local people also have a clear socio-economic benefit.

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As in previous years, we again succeeded to have water pumps installed in Cambodia.This year we were able to install no less than 6 water pumps at the houses of Cambodian families in the Siem Reap region. This gives them direct access to fresh water so they can improve their living conditions by, among other things,  growing vegetables. The total number of installed water pumps is now 56.


On March 7 and 8, we held a fundraiser for Ukraine at our office and at René's house. What a result we were able to achieve together! In the end we filled 40 pallets, exactly one full truck. We have worked hard to sort everything and prepare it for transport to the Polish border. Great to see how far you can come together to help people in need.
Besides this, we donated to the cooperating aid organizations for help to Ukraine


March 24, we planted trees with organization Groninger Landscape, this time a total of over 3,200 on a plot of 5,000 m2.

Because the plot is near the water, the conditions are good and the tree saplings take root well.


Since the start of Springtime Foundation in 2016, we have been supporting Clothing Bank Sea Container. This year we organized a bingo for them in community center Selwerd with great prizes to win. It became an afternoon to meet each other in a relaxed atmosphere and many went home with a valuable prize, because they chose it themselves.


We also supported great organizations such as our community center with a neighborhood dinner for seniors and Foundation Welmobiel with a new iPad. This foundation picks up less mobile and older people from their homes and takes them to the doctor, day care or a friend, for example.



Because we believe having access to safe drinking water is a human right, we are grateful that we were able to install 10 water pumps in the area of Siem Reap, Cambodia again this year. Meanwhile, the counter has reached 50! Families who want to qualify for a water pump must meet the following two conditions:

1- There is no plastic floating around their house
2- They will grow vegetables with the help of the water pump at the pump or in their village. This will give them access to food even in the periods between rice harvests.

Our contact Bo Bo has the knowledge and ideas to help these families on their way. What a hero!


On a new plot we have planted 600 trees and shrubs with a part of our team. The beeches, pedunculate oaks and lime trees have a larger root ball so they will better survive any drought. The other 400 trees and shrubs are hazels, Norway spruce, elders, hawthorns and dirt trees.
We did this again under the inspiring leadership of the nature manager René Oosterhuis of Het Groninger Landschap. Several employees of Het Groninger Landschap also helped us. After three hours of hard digging everything was in place.
Because this plot is next to the one we planted in 2018, we could immediately see if the trees we planted earlier were taking root. And it looked good! Our grove lies at the edge of Nanninga's forest, one kilometer south of Coendersborg in Nuis.


As a team we have selected several local charities that we support annually such as the food bank, Youth Fund Sport and Culture and Clothing Bank the Sea Container where people with little income can pick up clothes for free.
And we structurally support Penduka in Namibia. This organization helps local, disadvantaged women to improve their social, economic position.



With the help of guide Bo Bo, we were once again able to install water pumps in the area of Siem Reap, Cambodia. The counter has now reached 40!


We financed a water pump for the Penduka community in Namibia. Due to the Corona crisis, the tourism sector there has come to a complete standstill, so there is no income anymore. The biggest needs now are care and food for the women and their families. Therefore, a vegetable garden has been created where, with the help of water from the nearby dam, vegetables are grown. The pump that had to pump the water had recently failed. We are grateful that we were able to finance the replacement of this water pump.


In 2019, we supported the following projects, among others:
- Foodbank
We have donated over 14,000 diapers
- Het Groninger Landschap
We planted more trees with our team
- Stichting Penduka
This foundation supports women in Namibia
- Straatwijs
Support for homeless people in the city of Groningen
- Clothingbank De Zeecontainer
Support for the less fortunate in the city of Groningen


In 2018, we supported the following projects, among others:
- Tsiba
A business school in Cape Town, for people who normally have no access to opportunities in life.
- Waterpumps for Cambodia
We have installed 8 water pumps
- Project Keep Dreaming
We adopted 200 blankets for refugees on Lesvos
- Groningen Verwelkomt
This foundation aims to offer refugees a warm welcome and make them feel at home.
- De Computerbank
With our contribution of € 2,500 to De Computerbank, 20 PCs have been refurbished.


In 2017, we supported the following projects, among others:
- Entrepreneurship in Gambia
We contributed to seed capital with which several Gambian students can start their own business in the hope that they will create opportunities for themselves for a better future.
- Jeugdsportfonds Groningen
We have donated € 3,000. With this money 40 children can play sports!
- Werken zonder Grenzen
We have sponsored a work experience placement for a status holder through Werken Zonder Grenzen.
- De Vakantiebank
De Vakantiebank ensures that people who cannot afford it themselves can also go on holiday. Why? Because everyone should have that real holiday feeling for at least a week a year.

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