Springtime Foundation was created at the initiative of the owners of the Bitstillery Group (Moving Spirits, A2BC, Bitstillery IT and Springtime Foundation).Both the company and the staff actively contribute to Springtime Foundation. This is expressed in sponsoring various charities, but also in dealing responsibly with the environment in the workplace.


Contributing to a better world really sounds huge. Well, that shouldn't be. We advise you to stop wondering about what you can do, but start doing. We believe all small steps together make a significant difference.

It all starts with awareness. Why am I doing the things I do in the way I do it? What can I do to make Social Impact?

How do we contribute to a better world? For example:

  • we generate our electricity in the most sustainable way, namely with 100% wind and solar energy through supplier Pure Energie;
  • we heat and cool our office with heat and cold storage using the temperature of the groundwater;
  • for every order we receive, we plant a tree in a forest, close to our office;
  • we structurally support multiple causes so that they are able to make sustainable decisions with the help of donations;
  • each employee has a Personal Charity Budget that supports those causes that the employee considers important;
  • in our purchases we make choices that are as sustainable as possible (toilet paper, promotional gifts, Christmas hampers, etc.);
  • each employee is given the opportunity to devote one working day per year to a good cause;
  • there is hardly any printing at our office;
  • we are always open to new ideas and initiatives to contribute even more to a better world.

We would love to talk with you about this and we truly want to hear your ideas! So, contact us and let's discuss together how we can contribute to a better world!

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